Thirsty Thursdays

A Low-Key Community Happy Hour

virtual care lab

Experiments in remote togetherness


An intimate and informal gathering where members of the NAVEL community come together to present on current research topics.

Collective Skillshares

A bi-monthly opportunity to share knowledge, resource and skills.


Disturbed LandscapeS

M Rasmussen and Laura Stinger

an installation and interspecies performance lab.

Los Angeles Alternative Art Spaces Community Check-In and Mixer

Connect with fellow peers from alternative cultural spaces and groups after an unprecedented and challenging pandemic year

An ongoing interspecies art performance in honor of all expressions of life.

Existential Issues: A Mapping Exercise

Nicolas Grenier

A questionnaire comprising a variety of existential issues.

Carta de Navegación: Colonia Cuauhtémoc

Reina Imagawa & E Tonatiuh Trejo

A project that aimed to understand the networks of resistance, collective care and solidarity that emerged during the global pandemic.

Growing Teeth

Sara Drake & Nina Sarnelle

A public syllabus created from the conversations and research conducted by this 3-month group project.

The Forward Momentum of Madellyn Knightley

Jackson Kinkead

Madellyn looks through the hole in the wall.

Presence Owed

Rhys Angel Castillo, Thabile Makue & Alexander Kaye

Artists across sound, visuals, and poetry join together to create a series of short multimedia pieces



An audiovisual piece meant to explore themes of wanderlust, aimlessness, expedition and flotation.

MORNING EXORCISE: Body Is Our Birthright

Jas Lin & Kyoko Takenaka

A 20-minute guided movement meditation written by Jas Lin and soundtracked by Kyoko Takenaka.

Personal ≠ Private

Renée Reizman

A series of 3 creative that helps people envision a world that balances the dream of the commune with personal space

Skin Hunger: Experiments in (Safe) Touch

Nina Sarnelle & Selwa Sweidan

A playdate where we will safely (six-feet apart) engage in touch games and improvisations!

WYD: Queer Hxrstories, Queer Futurities

featuring ONE Archives, Cuties LA, and Transcelestial

WYD: Collective Empowerment

featuring Por Vida Media Collective, Pieter Performance Space, and Human Resources LA

WYD: The Monies Edition

featuring Commonpool, the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers, Irina Contreras and Celine Kuklowsky

Requiem for Lost Plants

Plant elders come together through sound and spirit to resurrect a fading memory of Los Angeles.


featuring Abolition Science, Gonzalo Moiguer, and Transpacific Portals

An Inorganic Nature

An online performance by ℌ𝔘𝕹𝐓ℜ𝖊zZ inside a 3D replica of NAVEL


featuring Maya Friedman, Rudy Falagán, & Kengchakaj Kengkarnka

Screen ST: Our Habit@t of the Now

A virtual exhibition by the Digital Matterealities ASSEMBLY

Thirsty Thursdays

A Low-Key Community Happy Hour

ASSEMBLIES Fall 2020: Pitch Meeting

Come learn about the proposed ASSEMBLIES for Fall 2020

Thirsty Thursdays

A Low-Key Community Happy Hour

Thirsty Thursdays

A Low-Key Community Happy Hour

WYD?(Out There)

Presenters include artists Eva Papamargariti, Tucker Marder, Derrick Velasquez and Cara Despain

Friendly Fire (a coronation)

A performance, video and Zoom event in 3 Acts by Dorit Cypis

WYD?(Out There)

Presenters include artists Laura Hyunjhee Kim, Vanja Smiljanić, Lukas Marxt and Isla Hansen


Your weekend getaway in space

One Another

Come out from the shadow of identity politics through the power of intimate engagement across difference.

WYD?(Out There)

Presenters include artists Felix Kalmenson, Steve Gurysh and Misael Soto

QUEERING DEATH presents: Spiritual Will Writing Workshop

Come gather in unity as we explore life's one true certainty, death!

Quarantini Time!

As we navigate this physically-distant reality together, we invite you to join us on Zoom with an accompanying drink(s) of your liking…


Featuring LSDXOXO, Physical Therapy b2b M.E.S.H. and Bapari

CANCELLED: Activation Beyond Archetype– How We Show Up For Creative Work

MeUndies & WCCW Present Kimberly Drew And Ari Fitz, Moderated By Mandy Harris WIlliams.


Join artists Bapari, Jordi, Alima Lee and Autumn Randolph for an exquisite musical performance by Davia Spain.


Join us for Valentine's for Bubbles 11th edition featuring special guests Laurel Halo, DJ UwuQi, Muschi, NAR, C.Frim, Buckmonster, Water Sports and Marie Karlberg

ASSEMBLIES Spring 2020: Pitch Meeting

Come learn about the proposed ASSEMBLIES for Spring 2020

Collective Skillshares: Movement

Exploring trust and intimacy through the body and movement with resident Anise Hines.

ASSEMBLIES Fall 2019: Public Presentations

Join us for an evening of presentations by the ASSEMBLIES from Q2.


Presenters include Parag Mital, Sebastian Demian, Rhett LaRue and Echo Theohar.

سفره دايمه Sofra Daymeh: Home Series

Decolonizing food around the سفره sofra.

The New Internet Commons

An ongoing series of events which aims to understand the state of the world wide web today in contrast with the early unravelings of its utopian vision.

Community Yard Sale

A Holiday Fundraiser for NAVEL

Right Wing (Media) Spaces

An evening of comparative spatial and political investigation organized by philosopher Armen Avanessian

The Spectacular Society

Contemporary dance re/presenting Japanese American internment and its present-day repetition.

Queer Maps Launch

A new digital tool documenting LGBTQ spaces in Los Angeles since the 1800s by Spotlight founder Chris Cruse.


Demystifying genomics to inform identity in the age of the quantified self.

Race, Genetics, and the 0.1%

Dr. Terence Keel and Dr. Aaron Panofsky speak to contemporary issues surrounding the implications of genetic difference.

Collective Skillshares: Embodiment Workshop with Hayden Dunham

A meditation and conceptual tool kit for returning to your body.


Presenters include Anna Zett, Liesel Burisch, Huntress Janos and Selwa Sweidan.

Goethe-Institut presents Worlds of Homelessness

How can artists engage with homelessness in meaningful ways?


A Discussion, Performance and Exhibition that aim to nurture and aid abolitionist creative practices

Screening: SOUFRA

Healing the wounds of war through the unifying power of food


The BUBBLES crew brings FATHERHOOD & SCRAAATCH for a rager in support of NAVEL's 2019-2020 programming.

The Zapatista Wi-Fi Rebellion

Short-circuiting techno-imperialism with Zapatismo.

Glitching the System

An exhibition organized by gloria galvez as part of The Zapatista Wi-Fi Rebellion program.

Beyond the Net of Struggles: A workshop on digital organizing with Color Coded

Exploring social movement technology in the age of surveillance capitalism and big tech.

The Zapatista Wi-Fi Rebellion: Fran Ilich and Daniela Lieja Quintanar

A Zapatista framework for artistic practices, curatorial work, experimental economies and utopian experiments in social organizations.

The Sixth Sun: Mayan Uprising in Chiapas

A screening about the Zapatistas followed by a skype with Skawennati of Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace.


Experience a one-night only glimpse into this unbuilt queer club designed by Alison Veit & Noemi Polo.

سفره دايمه Sofra Daymeh

Decolonizing food around the سفره sofra.


Come learn about the proposed ASSEMBLIES for Fall 2019

Sisters With Invoices - 1 Year Anniversary

Celebrate SWI with a decolonized community appreciation dinner and cocktail mixer.


Presenters include Lester Garcia, Natasha Newman-Thomas, Puppies Puppies-Jade Kuriki Olivo and Andre Herrero.

Tiny Tech Zines

Using zines, art and workshops to foster a more just tech sector.

Colin Self

NAVEL presents Colin Self with Davia Spain, & Xina Xurner

TWAH (=These Worlds Are Here)

A writing workshop approached as a fictional queer world-making practice.

Children of the Singularity: Screening

A docu sci-fi intervention in the myth of progress

Children of the Singularity: Workshop

Aspiring to longevity through intergenerational course correction: A workshop based on the docu sci-fi series Children of the Singularity


Celebrating our anniversary as a collectively-driven cultural space

A Right to Defiance

punk is queer. punk is femme. punk is Black. punk is Brown. punk is boundless.

A Place in Time

A confession and love letter to the queer Asian community.

ASSEMBLIES Spring 2019: Public Presentations

Join us for an evening of presentations by the Spring 2019 ASSEMBLIES


Acquaint yourself with Los Angeles’s most intimate crevices.


Resisting the carceral state, one donut at a time.


Tour downtown’s queer haunts with Irina Contreras.

NO CRUISING: The Happy Organ

Because revelry is instrumental.


Explore multiplicities of gender within your energetic body.

NO CRUISING: Pride, Prisons and the Police State

A dynamic conversation on the state’s oppression of queer bodies.

NO CRUISING: Bodies in Play

Engage your body with a blend of holistic movement approaches.


A new experimental work by Sebastian Hernandez.

NO CRUISING: Alternatives to Policing

Strategize towards a world without punitive systems.

BUILT-IN Chapter 4: Land for Artists

A think tank on long-term solutions for living and working in LA.

One Another: Identity, Difference + Conflict

A ten-act interactive presentation on key themes in our upcoming program, One Another.


Presenters include Peter Kalisch, Iris Fraser-Gudrunas, Kalyane Lévy and Blaine O’Neill.

Calm Technology

A set of design koans for our technological zeitgeist.

LA Artists: What Do We Know About Ourselves?

An open forum assessing the needs of LA's art community.


Sound healing and calm technology from Portland-based artists Clamber and Crystal Quartez.

In the Last Resort

A multidisciplinary performance exploring the expansive (and precarious) autonomy of lived resistance.

NTS Presents: BEA1991 & Special Guests

BEA1991, Liam Benzvi, Caroline Polachek (DJ set), Imogene Strauss (DJ set)

Refest Los Angeles 2019: Salon

Exploring innovative strategies in participatory performance that catalyze social change.


Presenters include Xavier Cha, David Chun, Mandy Harris Williams, Luis Ortega Govela, and Julie Weitz.

Performative Computation Symposium

Interdisciplinary conversations on improvisation, AI and creative computation.

Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color

A book talk with author and activist Andrea Ritchie and Los Angeles organizers on abolition and resistance.

Soul Stir

A movement meditation and vocal sound bath.

Befriending Hyperobjects

An ongoing, decentralized eco-performance interfacing art and blockchain technology to fund environmental projects.

2:22 reflections Release Party

Celebrate the release of NYALLAH’s debut EP, reflections.


Luka Isaac teams up with office magazine to present Crave (live), J Cush, Abyss X, Napolian, Anthem, & Hirakish (live).

Groundhog’s Day

Mindless, repetitive labor and the pursuit of social media stardom (on repeat).

Movement Practice Residency: Site Specific Strategies

A series of research and practice sessions for movement artists and creators, focusing on the development of site-specific performance work.

Project Scream

Curated by Carmina Escobar, Fy, and Tom Leeser, join us for a listening party and an evening of performances where artists present their interpretations of the word scream.

The New Internet Commons: READER on Black Twitter - effects of web 2.0 on blackness

Cassandra Press tackles the underanalyzed intersection of blackness, online community & identity, and the inherent racism of app culture.

Melodies are so far my best friend

A performative encounter between PRICE, music producer Cecile Believe, fashion label BARRAGÁN, and pianist Chris McKelway.

Year End Dish

A brunch organized by Hard to Read’s Fiona Duncan and scholar Sara Constantino around the role of gossip.

The New Internet Commons: Queercore, Cyberpunk and Networked Communities

A one-night event focused on the past, present and future of queer communities online.

Position 3

Jermaine Spivey & Spenser Theberge premiere a new work in collaboration with filmmaker John de Menil.

AuMAR Residency: Nocturnal Cyclones

NAVEL’s first week long residency culminates in artist duo AuMAR’s Los Angeles debut of Nocturnal Cyclones.

Amiri Baraka's Revolutionary Theater: Dutchman

Our production of Amiri Baraka's Dutchman will be staged as a read-through with jazz and sound archival accompaniment, exploring this work as a collectively improvised ensemble situated in and expanded by the tradition of the music Amiri loved the most.

Amiri Baraka's Revolutionary Theater

A celebration of poet and playright Amiri Baraka's approach to theatre and performance, which he saw as both an essential elements of everyday life in healthy communities, and tools for the building and sustaining of revolutionary consciousness within the diaspora.

Alexandria PDF Library

A repository for digital files uploaded by and available to NAVEL's visitors via the wifi at our physical site

Alexandria PDF Library: First Meeting

Join artist and Cassandra Press founder Kandis Williams for an evening of file upload frenzy and contribute to the Alexandria PDF Library.

The Hunger

Nothing Human Loves Forever

Amiri Baraka's Revolutionary Theater: The New-Ark

Amiri Baraka's Revolutionary Theater begins with a screening of The New-Ark (1968), a recently rediscovered film he made in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey, after narrowly surviving the 1964 Rebellion.

America's Procession

America's Procession is the directorial debut of artist Elliot Reed. The piece will lead the audience through an experimental aria that invokes Reed's great-grandmother America Bell Miller, who died suddenly of a heart attack while singing in church.

X-TRA Forum #3: Something About Feet, A life conversation between Simone Forti & Dorit Cypis

In 2004, X-TRA printed a conversation between Dorit and Simone, titled Between the Conceptual and the Vibrational. This event brings the two back together to share another part of their ongoing conversation.

Making Kin

A group exhibition by the NAVEL Collective exploring the ethics and meanings of kinship.

Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival

The LA premiere of Fabrizio Terranova's documentary, followed by a Q&A with Donna Haraway.

Making Kin: An Evening of Readings

Readings exploring disability, illness, culture, and community, organized by Emily Barker.

Making Kin: A Collective Meal Construction

A dinner exploreing connectivity and kinship through the act of constructing a meal collectively.

One Very Important Presence

A collection of ASMR videos curated by Dakota Higgins.

Casey Jane Ellison Presents: Standup

Casey Jane Ellison brings comedy back to NAVEL with support from Chelsea Devantez, Heather Jewett, Langston Kerman, Brendan Scannell, and more.

Introducing Holochain: Distributed Computing & Eco-Activism

A non-technical introduction to a blockchain alternative rooted in the observation of natural systems.

BUILT-IN, Chapter 3: Flying Monks Temple

NAVEL presents the screening of Flying Monks Temple by Žanete Skarule, a creative documentary centered around the conception of The Shaolin Flying Monks Theatre located in the sacred Songshan mountain in the Henan province of China.

X-TRA Forum #2: Patrick Staff presents CLEAN NEEDLES NOW & NOW

An evening-length performance-screening based on Dont Rhine’s essay Below The Skin: Aids Activism and the Art of Clean Needles Now.

Outfest Platinum Alchemy Party

Curated by Tiffany Naiman and Dorian Electra

The Future Left Reading Group: Xenofeminism

The Future Left presents a discussion facilitated by two artists Olivia Leiter and CADE, author of the Xenomaskuline Manifesto.

as if

A Day Party with DJs, performances and installations.

Hard to Read presents Shauna Barbosa, Elaine Kahn, & Sarah LaBrie

An evening of readings.

Cinematheque Hansen with Frances McDormand + Screening of Olive Kitteridge

An evening with Academy, Emmy, and Tony Award-winning actress Frances McDormand.

Queer Biennial III: What if Utopia?

An international survey focusing on current moments in LGBTQ art and culture that showcases emerging, mid-career, and established artists.

Queer Biennial 2018: New Works by Jerome AB & Spenser Theberge

Masculine Ken on Psychological Defense Mechanisms by Jerome AB & FLOWN by Spenser Theberge

Queer Biennial 2018: The Boy with the Gun to His Head

Justin Sayre narrates the story of a relationship with a troubled young man with a pension for self-destructive behaviour.

Cinematheque Hansen presents Funny Games with Karen Gillan & Mali Elfman

A women-centric, donation-based screening and discussion series.

Queer Biennial 2018: Juanita More's Naked Dinner Party

Juanita More! hosts one of her legendary Naked Dinner Parties with the Queer Biennial and Mark Tennyson.

Queer Biennial 2018: Babytalk L.A. - A Pop-Up Store by Talk Hole

A retail-cum-performance space blurring the division between retail and art.

Queer Biennial 2018: Pre-Reception Cocktail Hour with John Waters

A private book signing and cocktail hour with John Waters.

Dog Dream

Dog Dream by Nina Sarnelle is an ongoing investigation of world events, and especially the hyper-masculine posturing of neo-fascist leaders, through the lens of canine psychology.


Our relaunch as a collective with SOPHIE, Muñeka, Buckmonster, Loren Kramar and more

Justin Sayre's gAy-B-C's: A Brief History of Queer Culture

A show that moves methodically through the rich legacy of Gay and Queer Culture, touching on everything from Auntie Mame to Zebra Print.

A Bedroom for Strangers: Pillow Talk with Caroline Newton

A dreamlike bedroom installation designed to offer a safe, welcoming space for pillow talk.

LIVE in LA: Abdu Ali, FU Pay Us, & Bae Bae

NAVEL presents FUPU, Abdu Ali, & Bae Bae LIVE, hosted by drumBOOTY.

MAPS: Movement Arts Performance Space

Featuring new choreographic works by Samantha Blake Goodman.

FLOAT LAND Arcade and VRLA Afterparty

An evening of music and virtual reality installations.

Chorégraphies et Cinéma

Screening of Jean Genet's Un chant d'amour accompanied by dance performances and dj set.

Sweet Nell Theatre Collective: FLOWERS

A monthly showcase of new writings and experiments in Theatre-making, headed by writer and performer Justin Sayre.

BUILT-IN, Chapter 2

This second chapter brings together works that examine the metaphysical implications of highly organized and codified architecture, from the mundane materiality of a home to the pragmatic utopianism of Biosphere 2.

BUILT-IN, Chapter 1

The inaugural program celebrates artists bringing new perspectives to “real life” applications such as infrastructure, building, land use, and environmental stewardship.


A platform to discuss the organization of living beings in physical space — past, present, and possible futures.

we make space and space makes us

A pop-up show and conversation for spatial consciousness.

dublab 2018 Creative Cultivation Salon

Join DUBLAB for a vibrant evening of live music, DJ sets, visual and sound art activations for the annual Creative Cultivation Salon.

Aural Oral v.2

Inspired by the agriculture of ancient Japan, this dinner by artist Grace Denis pairs the auditory archive of its assembly with its consumption.

Hard to Read: Lovelace in Los Angeles

Hard to Read and Navel present Lovelace, celebrating the past, present, and future of women and the Internet, in conjunction with the release of Claire L. Evans' new book, Broad Band: The Untold Story Of The Women Who Made The Internet.

Queer Comedy Night: When Popportunity Knocks v.2

A night of queer comedy hosted by Michael Holt


A performance by Kandis Williams where movement and score create euphoric experiences of dissociation while conjuring the ceremoniousness that befits the ancient myth of Eurydice.

Queer Comedy Night: When Popportunity Knocks v.1

A night of comedy and storytelling hosted by Michael Holt


In an idealized futuristic place, shared by a human and a sex robot, a ritualistic bath leads to an infinite loop of pleasure and regeneration.

Viral Illumination 001

A new event concept created to celebrate poz artists and allies working at the intersection of art, culture and activism to build a world that works towards abolishing HIV stigma and builds opportunities for people to learn, empower one another and cultivate joy.

Resident Advisor LAX: RA Exchange

With The Black Madonna, K-HAND and William Basinski

Rather This, Then

A new work by Jermaine Spivey and Spenser Theberge

Earth Hold

A screening of six films inspired by the North American anti-racism movement and the Palestinian/Arab anti-occupation movement.


An exhibition of new work by Symrin Chawla and David Ertel.

Between Nothingness and Infinity

Comprising exclusively female identified artists of color, this exhibition presents work that addresses structurally intersectional forms of discrimination.

Panel Night: State of Token Economy + Presentation by FOAM

A panel exploring utility tokens & state of the token economy.

Akasa Community Outreach Benefit

Back to School Benefit To Support Akasa Community Outreach with a special performance by RyX.


27 artists respond to the 2017 North American total solar eclipse with a panel discussion with reserachers from NASA JPL.

Evolutionary Urge 24h Sculpture (Digital / Virtual)

Evolutionary Urge 24h Sculpture (Digital / Virtual) brings together artists that work in the field of digital, virtual and immaterial phenomena of sculpture.

Future Scouts

An urban creative lab and an immersion in 21st century survival skills for the youth.


Presenting personal and experimental erotic films that move against normative understandings of what is considered sexy.

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