Screen ST: Our Habit@t of the Now


Welcome to Screen St., our digital home in a time of physical separateness and the only material reality we share. As we experience the societal currents of both a pandemic and social unrest from the constraints of individual domestic spaces and neighborhoods across urban California, Screen St. coincides as an honest archive. Objects anchor locale, senses, hopes, and habit, weaving for its inhabitants a safe haven of strange familiarity.

Contributing artists include Elenie Chung, Kate Ladenheim, Laura Stinger, Zephyr Swart, Terence Brasch, Beth Fiedorek, Alexander Kaye, and Alice Yuan Zhang. Curation and exhibition design by Alice Yuan Zhang.

This project is presented by Digital Matterealities, an experimental learning group as part of NAVEL’s ASSEMBLIES program (Spring 2020).

Digital Matterealities

Reflecting on our current and potential future relationship to material to understand how to lead more sustainable, meaningful lives.