Sweet Nell Theatre Collective: FLOWERS

The Sweet Nell Theatre Collective is a monthly showcase of new writings and experiments in Theatre-making, headed by writer and performer Justin Sayre. Every month, Sayre and a small company of actors will present new works, grouped around a single theme. The evenings will include monologues, scenes, and other experiments in theatrical presentation, all written by Sayre, with interludes by guest artists or other members of the company.

“These shows are about an adventure, an adventure we hope to take with the audience, where we delve into little worlds, and what it is to make work in communion with a larger group. Communion is a central theme to the work of the collective and why NAVEL, a communal endeavor in its own right seemed like the perfect fit.”- Justin Sayre

*_no one turned away for lack of funds

About Sweet Nell Theatre Collective

The Sweet Nell Theatrical Collective is founded by writer and performer Justin Sayre, named for 17th Century actress Nell Gwyn. Nell Gwyn was an orange seller in the theatres of London, whose natural wit often rivaled the jokes told on stage. She became so popular in the stalls, that eventually writers began putting her onstage. It was there that she caught the attention of King Charles II, who became her lover. Charles and Nell were a very happy pair, and Nell was able to use her influence over the King to aide charities and causes that were very special to her heart. Nell’s spirit of irreverence and charity are both guiding forces in this endeavor and we hope to bring the spirit of Nell to all the work we make and the world we make it in.