Children of the Singularity: Workshop

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Aspiring to longevity through intergenerational course correction: A workshop based on the docu sci-fi series Children of the Singularity

Children of the Singularity is a short film series that provides a platform for youth to question ideas of technological progress, and for adults to participate in and witness their emerging demands for the future. Leading up to the screening on June 26, Daalder will host an intergenerational workshop that uses the series to initiate playful and complex dialogues between parents and youth (from age 11 & up). The goal of the workshop is to create a model for sharing this process in a group setting.

In the films, young protagonists analyze how the technological trends of today will affect their lived experience going forward. After projecting themselves into the future, they are invited to share their concerns and make demands. In the workshop, this structure is applied to a revolving group conversation. Multiple parent-youth pairs are invited to convene, view the films, explore unseen consequences and hidden motives behind technological developments, and work through the complexity of co-existence across time. The workshop includes discussions of the films’ themes - posthumanism, embodiment, AI, social media algorithms, empathy, social justice, individual vs collective transcendence.

Capacity of 5 parent/youth pairs (10 participants total)

Snacks will be provided.

##About the Facilitator
Megan Day Daalder’s work as an artist centers around empathy, questions of fluid identity, and exposing social structures designed to divide. Her pedagogical background includes the creation of story/performance workshops for UCLA’s iGEM team with microbiologist Christina Agapakis, and UCLA’s Art|sci Summer Institute. In 2016, she co-founded/facilitated a summer camp called Future Scouts.

Image by Ava Benjamin Shorr