we make space and space makes us

we make space and space makes us:a pop-up show and conversation for spatial consciousness is a seesaw notion that asks us to acknowledge agency in the arrangement of our surrounding space as well as the comprehensive implications such arrangements have on living and nonliving material bodies. looking at ongoing and interconnected geographies of dispossession, we must simultaneously consider the multiplicity of different peoples, animals, plants, places and things laboring against and within these forces.

thinking spatially is to think relationally, yielding an ecological imperative as well as raising questions of justice, care, poetics, war, recognition, imagination, reparation, and more. understanding the self in relation to these manifestations of space enriches our understanding of different positionalities, abilities, behaviors, and emotions that come with it. furthermore, such insights have the potential to push one to consider the interconnected spatial privileges and spatial oppressions that different positionalities entail, as well as the urgency for building social and material movements.

we make space and space makes us is a pop-up exhibition and collective act dedicated to acknowledging art exhibitions as an interplay of forces. we invite attendees to engage in a conversation aimed at building shared understandings of different spatial implications and interrogating the relationship between symbolic and the material spaces. proceedings and actions of this event will be documented and archived for future activation.

tasha bjelić
kelman duran
chinwe okona
gloria galvez
llano del rio collective

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