America's Procession

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“What membrane is this? Who did they lead? I’m waiting. Slipping into the second tense. A specter. You’ve been given permission. A decades long glance. I planned my memory in your fingertips. All sugar and extra salt. Fruits preserved for a later date. Let me feed you.” - Excerpt from America’s Procession

America’s Procession is the directorial debut of artist Elliot Reed, with an original score by Antonio Harper. The piece will lead the audience through an experimental aria that invokes the artist’s great-grandmother America Bell Miller, a prolific poet, musician, caretaker and mother, who died suddenly of a heart attack while singing in church. Through voice, movement, and a series of games, dancers and actors will move through the space and audience, gliding to their final resting place, or perhaps carving a passageway through the genealogy of a transformative, almost supernatural event.

This performance will be followed by a reception.

America's Procession (excerpt) from NAVEL on Vimeo.

___ Written & Directed by **Elliot Reed** Score Composed & Performed by **Antonio Harper**

Asphodèle, Dove Ayinde (Hausa), Sarah Gail, Jordi, Thandiwe kaRA, Richard Muller, and Robbie Ann Darby

Post-performance reception with DJ BAE BAE

Elliot Reed is a performer/director based in Los Angeles. He designs active machines and conflict systems for live artists.

Antonio Harper is an LA musician by way of Baltimore. His original electro-acoustic score for America’s Practice was commissioned for this work.

Image by Larry Powell