Introducing Holochain: Distributed Computing & Eco-Activism

Holochain is a blockchain alternative that has been lauded as a breakthrough in the speed and scalability of distributed computing. It is an architecture for applications that is totally peer-to-peer, allowing users to create a data commons without centralized servers or corporate clouds.

How does Holochain accomplish this? This largely non-technical introduction to Holochain brings listeners into the counter-intuitive world of computing rooted in the observation of natural systems — “bio-mimicry”. We believe that taking inspiration from the intelligence of natural systems is needed to use tech to protect and activate natural, common-pool resources (rather than destroy them!) In the face of climate change and resource crises around the world, Holochain’s philosophy sheds light on the intersection of tech and activism focused on whole ecosystems of people, animals, and Earth.

Presentation by Emaline Friedman of Holochain.