a PAAJ attunement & curation

what is the possibility of pornography ?
what are the possibilities of the gaze ?

Tempt opens up an erotic platform of exchange and collective empowerment. This will be a queer and feminist oriented sacred space for sharing and supporting visual stories of erotic potential , pleasure practices , transformational kinks, and the shapeshifting complexity of our desire and identities within the matrices of culture, nature and the divine .

Tempt includes ( ( softcore hardcore ) ) spectrums of sexual expression

Featuring Films by
Eva Wo
Gray Ellis
Semaj Day
Angie Shen
Alice Cunt
Evie Echobast
James Darling
Jiko Majesty
The Lust Garden
Manuel Scheiwiller
Brook Hsu & Abbe Findley
Hillary Brasher and Cybee Bloss

Bashir Daviid Naim

Sounds by
MMMelt (TUF/Seattle)
…when MMMelt lays it down, it might just feel like diving into a pool of aural bliss cast out from their opal-encrusted third eye…they’ll rip u a new portal, hold on tight to the beats or just let yr ethereal body wander

DJ Erika Kayne

Performances by
Cucci Binaca
Alice Cunt

Aphrodesiac Jello Bar by Snake Root Apothecary
Elixers by Helix Lotus
Flower Brushing and Elemental Anointments by WW

Sponsored by
CHAKRUBS - $ 1 RAFFLE TIX; raffle prizes will be given out

this is a femme sanctuary space; We are all proponents of trans - inclusive intersectional feminism and our priority is creating a safer space for our queer/femme community.