$10 in advance, $15 at door

Non-Places are the spaces where people are put on pause – from modern structures plagued by loneliness, isolation and anomie, to the in-between areas where people exist without relation, identity or history. The Non-Places program includes a series of video works from Clamber exploring these realms as sites of identity formation, relation and history. Clamber’s work decompresses non-places by slowing them down, facilitating an almost ceremonial rhythm for the liminal procession of people passing through forgettable time.

For the sound healing performance, Crystal Quartez will create a series of restorative sound rituals by hybridizing synth loops, field recordings and objects from her environment, resulting in auditory landscapes both alien and natural.

Clamber’s medium involves field recording, video work and sound collage, and often stretches/collapses time around mundane, isolated moments through slow motion and timelapse photography. Clamber also runs a monthly experimental music and film series at Boathouse Experimental Studios. Follow Clamber on Instagram and Bandcamp.

Crystal Quartez is a process-oriented composer, sound and visual artist whose live performance work pushes the boundaries of ambient and electronic music by engaging both natural and digital objects to weave earthy tectures into cyber space. She is currently completing a degree in Music & Sonic Arts. Cortez frequently performs throughout the northwest United States, and her work has been shown at the Paragon Art Gallery (Portland), Teros Gallery (San Diego), PAM Residencies (Los Angeles) and throughout the midwest and along the west coast. Follow Crystal on Instagram and Bandcamp.

Non-Places kicks off Amber Case’s Calm Technology installation in The Meeting Room, running through Sunday, Apr 14.