Performative Computation Symposium


An interdisciplinary symposium and pop-up art exhibition.

The Performative Computation Symposium features the work of artists who engage in improvisation, as well as practitioners whose work probes artificial intelligence.

Presentations and facilitated conversations will explore: human improvisation, embodied computation, machine intelligence, data architectures, algorithmic debiasing and accessibility, choreographic scores and machine-assisted, musical improvisation. Following the symposium, a FREE pop-up art exhibition reception (including screenings) will be held.

Part I: Symposium (12:30–6:30PM, doors at 12PM)
Part II: FREE Pop-up Exhibition, Screenings & Reception (7–9PM)

Founded and curated by Selwa Sweidan
Exhibition co-curated by Laura Darlington

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Questions? Contact

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Zena Bibler (Department of World Arts and Cultures, UCLA)
Alison D’Amato (Assistant Professor, USC)
Alfred Darlington (aka Daedelus)
Brian Getnick (Performance Artist + Founder, PAM Residencies)
Joshua Gomez (Head of Software Development and Library Systems, UCLA Library; Lecturer, Department of Information Studies, UCLA)
Shelleen Greene (Associate Professor, UCLA)
Catherine Griffiths (PhD Candidate, Media Arts + Practice, USC)
Parag Mital (CEO, The Garden in the Machine + CTO, Mogees, HyperSurfaces)
Darrian O’Reilly (Independent Choreographer)
Surabhi Saraf (Artist, Founder Center for Emotional Materiality)
Sara Schnadt (Senior Lead User Experience Designer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Jessica Rajko (Assistant Professor, Arizona State University)

Moderators: Dr. Roxane Fenton, Selwa Sweidan


Alisa Andrasek
Sarah Rosalena Brady
Rebecca Bruno, Flora Wiegmann, Alison D’Amato, Yann Novak, Justin Streichman
Symrin Chawla
Joana Chicau and Jonathan Reus
Alm Chung
Lucky Dragons
Simone Forti
Linda Franke
Julieta Gil, Kate Parsons and Estevan Carlos Benson
Veronica Graham
Catherine Griffiths
Maya Gurantz
Ben Hooker and Jenny Rodenhouse with Tim Durfee
Laura Hyunjhee Kim
Lynn Hershman Leeson
Lucky Dragons
Kristin McWharter
Parag Mital
Ron Morrison
Silas Munro
Godiva Veliganilao Reisenbichler
Surabhi Saraf
Selwa Sweidan
Nicci Yin