What is a #hyperobject?
To call something a hyperobject means to consider its inherent multidimensionality. Imagine a single mountain as a fraction of all mineral species, or the millions of years it took to shape “mountain” at all. Hyperobjects are comparable to hashtags, implying metadata of time and space.

hyperobjects.io is an ongoing interspecies art performance in honor of all expressions of life. It allows artists, through creative expression, to contribute to environmental stewardship and be part of a planetary community to play, learn, unlearn, and expand their consciousness. You may think of yourself in form of a “quantum selfie” in relationship to surrounding life forms, elements and metabolisms: e.g. reflecting on the mineral content of your bones in relation to a #mountain you might be sitting on.

Join our lab!
The virtual lab @navel.la is a 3-month timeframe to collectively explore and activate this format - as an art performance, an ecosystem, a consciousness exploration, a care economy, a quantum meditation and embodiment practice, a planetary community, an abundance grid, an interspecies communication portal…

If you’re seeking new forms of co-creating art in playful connection with nature and support small environmental projects by doing so, this is for you.

This workshop is organized and facilitated by Judith Sönnicken in response to the NOW WHAT open call written by Anise S. Hines Theus, Daleen Saah, Jasmine Lin, and Joal Stein.