An Inorganic Nature

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Commissioned by NAVEL & Creamcake as part of 3hd Festival 2020, An Inorganic Nature is an online, three dimensional performance set inside a realistic virtual recreation of our physical location here at NAVEL. The large open loft environment that served as a gathering space pre-pandemic is transformed in a variety of ecologically experimental ways that make us think like water, air, and green, to bring us closer to Earth. From the floor of the room undulating like waves, and the potted plants spreading across all surfaces, to the whole room shifting itself from its present location to travel across vast landscapes past the city, into mountains, forests, and ocean that can be viewed out of the large windows that extend across two walls of the NAVEL location.

ℌ𝔘𝕹𝐓ℜ𝖊zZ performs rhyming verse on the subject of environmental quintessence live in the virtual NAVEL space via motion capture and facial tracking, that are augmented with a biodesign synthesised face filter and a 3D animated body that embraces the boundlessness of humanity. Blurring the line between the performer’s body and the environment of the performance by literally animating them together- to inform one another in a united act. Gestures bending walls and footsteps splashing the floor- pillars, chairs, and plants moving with the body.

How to Experience An Inorganic Nature

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Although available to view on mobile device, we highly recommend that you attend the performance on a computer with headphones, or with a VR headset for the most optimal experience. Users will encounter a full immersive space, unlocking a freedom to move around as if they were attending in person. If there are other people in the room, you will be able to talk to other audience members, as if attending the event in person.

Footage and documentation of the live performance will be archived and available to view inside the virtual space following December 11.

Artist Bio

ℌ𝔘𝕹𝐓ℜ𝖊zZ 𝐉a𝕹o𝖘 has transformed alongside humanity since ancient times, and exists in a quantum state, generating art in a future that has long past. She worships a beyond that is at the center of all things, and her mind and body is always in flux. She is a Black Trans Woman and gender non-conforming entity. A graduate of the CalArts Experimental Animation program, she is a digital artist in the collective residency at NAVEL. She presents her range of works in rhyme writing, virtual fashion, 3D animation, painting, and music performance with an intent to transform reality.


IG: @huntrezz

About the Festival

Now in its sixth edition, 3hd 2020 acts as a queer-feminist biotope created by Creamcake. “UNHUMANITY” deals with a system of human and non-human forces, built around an interconnected habitat of art, music, performance, digital culture, and its relationship to the more opaque idea of Nature Herself. The festival’s program is an expression of a transition between an untenable past and an uncertain future, while recognizing natural and technological actors as equal partners, and bringing its audience closer to a new model for an interspecies community.

In an era of climate change and pandemic, 3hd 2020 is implemented as a decentralized and dislocated festival structure across different locations around the globe including Los Angeles, Milan, and the woods of Norway, acting as nodes in the neural network of the extended ECO-centers organism, branching out from the festival’s usual base in Berlin. While there will still be events at HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Gallery at Körnerpark from November 3 to 7, Creamcake commences a multidimensional program, online and IRL, starting on August 20 and running through January 2021.

Creamcake is a Berlin-based, interdisciplinary platform negotiating the point of convergence in music, visual art, and performance, as well as digital culture and the contemporary discourse surrounding it. Presenting artists whose work is characterized by intersectional, feminist, queer, and decolonial approaches, Creamcake’s aim is to produce and navigate experiences outside of normative social structures by providing a critical engagement with these perspectives, providing a stage where dominant power structures and their effects on technology, sexuality, identity and the creative arts can be explored. | @creamcakeberlin