Viral Illumination 001

Now more than ever it’s important that we come together to create a future that allows us to build and learn from one another’s journey. For one night only, join us for an evening of performances, installations, music and more from artists, advocates and disrupters working to de-stigmatize HIV, uplift pleasure and champion underrepresented narratives.

This event also functions as a fundraiser for The SERO Project, which fights inappropriate criminal prosecutions of people living with HIV and fights for freedom from stigma and injustice.

VIRAL ILLUMINATION is presented in partnership with Into, NAVEL, and Crystal Head Vodka.

All proceeds benefiting The SERO Project

Hosted by

Mike Etc. (Mike Albrecht)
Electric Honey (DJ Kita x BAE BAE)
DJ Victor Rodriguez

Shows and more
Saturn Rising
Domonique Echeverria
JUICE BOXX (Nicholas Burton)

Installations by
Ben Cuevas
John Moletress
The other half
Leo Herrera
Danimal Oh
Xena Ellison
Vasilios Papapitsios

Photos by
Ivan Padilla

Created With BY Vasilios Papapitsios & Eli Micky


VIRAL ILLUMINATION is a new event concept created to celebrate poz artists and allies working at the intersection of art, culture and activism to build a world that works towards abolishing HIV stigma and builds opportunities for people to learn, empower one another and cultivate joy.