Earth Hold

Earth Hold is a screening of six films we could describe as landscapes. The screening will be followed by an open discussion hosted by Stone Soup at Navel, LA.

With films by Jumana Emil Abboud, Sky Hopinka, Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Ghita Skali and Caroline Monnet.

The films are inspired by either the North American anti-racism movement or the Palestinian/Arab anti-occupation movement, without being overly tied to the specifics of either.

Each film describes the land, its hills, waterways, floras, ghosts and coastlines. Each film also describes a human relationship to these lands by drawing on both ancient and newly-fashioned tools to help them. These landscapes, in turn, describe history. Or more precisely, they ask history to be different than the one we know. They ask about the possibilities, problems and ramifications of an “indigenous relationship” to both the land and its past.

This, we hope to unpack together in the discussion: starting with a consideration of what “indigenous” as a category (with its attendant and various metaphysics) might permit or lay claim to - in terms of rights, protection, inclusion, exclusion or meaning. Importantly we will pay close attention to how this loaded category shifts and morphs when used in the North American or Palestinian context. At the same time, while paying attention to these differences, we also want to see whether and where moments of solidarity (in their challenge to both occupation and racism) might be found. In short, we are seeking common ground.