Queer Biennial III: What if Utopia?

12-6PM daily

The Queer Biennial is an international survey focusing on current moments in LGBTQ art and culture that showcases emerging, mid-career, and established artists.

This third installment of the Queer Biennial - titled “What if Utopia” - asks the invited artists/writers/performers to explore their own sensibilities of an ideal, other worldly-landscape and examine ideas of a Queer Utopia. This theme is proposed in broad terms, leaving participants to explore it in the abstract: the carnal, the cerebral, the fantastical, the optical.

The Queer Biennial takes place at many locations throughout Los Angeles from June 1-30. For a full schedule of events and locations, visit http://www.queerbiennial.org/schedule

Artist List

Jerome AB
Laura Aguilar
Marcel Alcala
Alan Aldana
Oscar David Alvarez
Rodrigo Alvarez
Gianni Arone
Luke Austin
Don Bachardy
Peter Berlin
JT Bruns
Craig Calderwood
Rick Castro
Daniel Carbajal
Lucas Castro Pardo
Kellen Chasuk
Scott Cooper
Cary Cronenwett
Alice Cunt
Mona Demone
Patrick Donovan
Zackary Drucker
Diego Eduardo
Ruben Esparza
Chase Garber
Ektor Garcia
Mariah Garnett
Nicki Green
Melanie Griffin
Tim Hailand
John Hanning
Keith Haring
Drew Harper
Cleonette Harris
Vanja Hedberg
Salvador Hernández
Florian Hetz
Rinaldo Hopf
Bebe Huxley
Orlando Israel
Van Jazmin
Peter Kalisch
Niko Karamyan
Jamison Karon
Scooter Laforge
Matt Lambert
Lambe Culo
Emily Lucid
Robert Mapplethorpe
Milos Mestas
Ken Gun Min
Santy Mito
John Moletress
Juanita More
Jeff Morrical
Yelena Moskovich
Adi Nes
Dakota Noot
Vasilios Papapitsios
Parisa Paranian
Gio Black Peter
Wakefield Poole
Brontez Purnell
Marval A Rex
Miguel Angel Reyes
Cassie Riger
Saturn Rising
Angelo Alessandro Rodarte
Manuel Rodrigues
Charles Rosenberg
Steven Ryan
El San Cha y Las Sirenas
Sarra Ryma
Alex Sanchez
Stuart Sandford
Rafael Santiago
Justin Sayre
Serge Serum
Jeff Sheng
Cody Evan Silver
Devon Speirling
George Summers
Moses Pini Siluk
Talk Hole
M. Tennyson
Spenser Thebere
Tom Of Finland
Sal Tran
Jon Vaz Gar
Christopher Velasco
John Waters
Andy Warhol
Kim Weller
Dorian Wood
Gil Yefman
Eva Zar
Jeff Zilla


Ruben Esparza, Founder & Director
Nicholas Alexander Milos Mestas, Chief Curator
Stuart Sandford, Curator (Films)
Mark Tennyson, Curator (Performance)
Steven Reigns, Curator (Literary Arts)
Ilona Berger, Curator + Director at LAST Projects
Michael Holt, Curator + Co-founder of NAVEL
Yelena Moskovich, Curator (Paris)
Carlos Morales Rábago, Curatorial Advisor (Mexico City)


Queer Biennial 2018: New Works by Jerome AB & Spenser Theberge

Masculine Ken on Psychological Defense Mechanisms by Jerome AB & FLOWN by Spenser Theberge

Queer Biennial 2018: The Boy with the Gun to His Head

Justin Sayre narrates the story of a relationship with a troubled young man with a pension for self-destructive behaviour.

Queer Biennial 2018: Juanita More's Naked Dinner Party

Juanita More! hosts one of her legendary Naked Dinner Parties with the Queer Biennial and Mark Tennyson.

Queer Biennial 2018: Babytalk L.A. - A Pop-Up Store by Talk Hole

A retail-cum-performance space blurring the division between retail and art.

Queer Biennial 2018: Pre-Reception Cocktail Hour with John Waters

A private book signing and cocktail hour with John Waters.