Queer Biennial 2018: Babytalk L.A. - A Pop-Up Store by Talk Hole

LA is the city of dreams. And Talk Hole’s dream… is to open a store. Because after all, what’s more LA than a retail-cum-performance space?

“Babytalk: LA” will expose/celebrate Talk Hole as the infantilized carpet-baggers we truly are, helping to shed light on the ever blurrier division between retail and art; brunch and lunch; Los Angeles and New York. Is working retail inherently queer? Can we ethically promote queerness through consumption? Can we afford to sell only one succulent a month? We leave these questions to the audience.

Casey Jane Ellison
Liza Dye
Mary Houlihan
Andrew Michaan


Curated by Michael Holt

*no one turned away for lack of funds

About Talk Hole

Talk Hole is an underground, art-jacent, gay-baiting comedy duo in NYC, established in 2015 by Steven Phillips-Horst and Eric Schwartau. The “brutal satirists” (Time Out New York) host a monthly show at a Chinese-Italian fusion restaurant (“the only show in New York worth seeing” –The FADER) and were most recently invited to stage their own VW Sunday Session at MoMA Ps1 in New York. Their work has been featured in the New York Times, Dazed, Art in America, and on the darkened screens of hot guys everywhere.

Steven Phillips-Horst is a 6’1” philanthropist, cryptocurrency investor, and co-founder of Talk Hole.

Eric Schwartau is a comedic artist, humor designer, and co-founder of Talk Hole. His work examines the intersection of hot, smart, and funny.

About Queer Biennial

The Queer Biennial is an international survey focusing on the current moments in LGBTQ art and culture that showcases emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Featured work includes installation, film, live performance, and historical documentation. Artists included do not shy away from sexuality, identity, the body, and all around queerness. As independent curators/artists, we champion and challenge artists of all disciplines to temporarily step away from the white-box systems and explore new spaces in an unfiltered and organic fashion. Every exhibition or event is carefully researched and realized with an invited list of artists and curators from around the globe.

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Queer Biennial III: What if Utopia?

An international survey focusing on current moments in LGBTQ art and culture that showcases emerging, mid-career, and established artists.