Befriending Hyperobjects

FREE, exhibition by appointment only
Closing: Sunday, Feb 24 at 6PM with a screening at 6:30PM.

Befriending Hyperobjects is an ongoing decentralized eco-performance interfacing art and blockchain technology to fund environmental projects. Hyperobjects are entities we cannot grasp in their entirety, such as water, cats, or styrofoam. They appear to us as an abstraction due to their scale, ethereal nature, or non-linear relationship with time. In this project, artists “befriend” hyperobjects, similar to how you can befriend or follow someone on Facebook or Twitter.

The initial exhibition features 17 artists from 5 continents and is fully biodegradable with exception of the technology needed for display. Instead of solitary human art practice, this project portraits the encounter and collaboration of human and non-human entities.

Elisa Balmaceda & RING OF FIRE
David Sampethai & SUBURBIA
Familia Villaroel & RAIN
Tomoko Sauvage & WATER
Acqua Vrzal & EMOTION
Terra0 & FLOWER
Susanne Probst & EARTH
Cojimo Ancerias & VOLCANO
Hayden Dunham & DD

Nina Sarnelle/Sara Drake: Let us know if yr free
Judith Sönnicken: Google Gardening
Lauren Bon / Metabolic studio: Intention and Release for Living Systems
Samuel Mountford: Cromlech
Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger: Bufo Bufo (aeons below)

Befriending Hyperobjects is a project by Judith Sönnicken

Exhibition design in collaboration with Charles Mathis

Funded by Andrea von Braun Foundation, Munich