Melodies are so far my best friend

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Melodies are so far my best friend is an encounter with PRICE (CH), music producer Cecile Believe (CAN), fashion label BARRAGÁN (MEX), and pianist Chris McKelway (USA).

A motley crew of cultural agents engage in an act of improvised communion. Bodies transit architectural costumes. Bodies traverse costumed architecture. People and pitches shift between multiple perspectives and musical numbers.

In Melodies, PRICE questions normative structures in language and the loss and decay of instinctive emotional action within his generation. Singing, shouting, crying, demanding: What are the identities of language today? And what are possible identities through language?

This program is organized by NAVEL’s Collective Member Blaine O’Neill and co-produced by the Arsenic – Contemporary Performing Arts Center in Lausanne, Switzerland and Tanzhaus in Zürich, Switzerland

PRICE is a multidisciplinary performance artist working with live performance, music, video and installation. His work explores the emotional conditions of contemporary life, engaging questions of identity and affect in a disorientating age defined by globalization, neoliberalism and the increasingly central role of the internet in shaping communication, emotions and subjects.

Cecile Believe is a L.A. based music producer and vocalist. She is currently working on her first solo effort and co-wrote and performed vocals on SOPHIE’s most recent full-length album Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides.

Chris McKelway is a pianist / composer / piano technician in Los Angeles. Born 1991 in the District of Columbia. Recent collaborations include- with Morten Hannisdal in Oslo, and Air Traffic Control in Los Angeles. Currently he is working on solo songs.

BARRAGÁN is an experimental underground fashion label which plays with gender and identity politics through clothing, questioning our modern day consumption of fashion, media, and pop culture.

Image by Mirjam Graf