NO CRUISING: Alternatives to Policing

$5 Suggested Donation

5C Prison Abolition Collective leads a workshop introducing key concepts around the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) and abolition. Together, attendees will explore ways to build a world that does not rely on punitive systems of prisons and policing.

Alternatives to Policing is part of our NO CRUISING program, at NAVEL from May 16–18. A portion of this program’s proceeds will be donated to the California Coalition for Women Prisoners’s #MeTooBehindBars initiative.

5C Prison Abolition Collective seeks to create critical dialogue about the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) and prison abolition in order to deconstruct the conventional idea that imprisonment is the solution to social, economic, and political problems. We aim to generate a movement on the Claremont Colleges and beyond to directly engage with communities affected by the PIC and work toward building proactive solutions alternative to imprisonment. There are 3 main components of our organization: education, activism, and community engagement. We believe that we should invest in communities through education, rehabilitation, employment, healing, and housing to work towards a world in which prisons and police no longer exist.

Image by 5C Prison Abolition Collective


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