MORNING EXORCISE: Body Is Our Birthright

Jas Lin & Kyoko Takenaka
Watch Here

“MORNING EXORCISE: Body Is Our Birthright” is a 20-minute guided movement meditation written by Jas Lin and soundtracked by Kyoko Takenaka. The first half of the meditation focuses around the sensation of melting– of unraveling, forgetting, dissolving the training and fictions embedded in the body. The second half of the meditation is an awakening– to our senses, our surroundings, our agency, our possibility.

This project was created by Jas Lin & Kyoko Takenaka in response to the NOW WHAT open call written by Anise S. Hines Theus, Daleen Saah, Jasmine Lin, and Joal Stein.

Jas + Kyoko are unbinary polydisciplinary performance artists who share a tender friendship and synergetic artistic practices incorporating butoh, healing modalities, and experimental filmmaking.

Jas Lin is a choreographer and movement facilitator committed to the life-long process of un-learning and un-teaching oppressive, Othering, and superficial ways of moving, being, sensing, and knowing.

Kyoko Takenaka is an actor and guitarist/singer-songwriter of the queer multicontinental afro-asia band, ‘Wastewomxn’, channeling diasporic experience and liberation through their work. Together, they have presented live performances, films, and workshops at spaces such as ArtShareLA, Highways Performance Space (Asian America: The Future Is Now), Sabbatical Studio, and Spotlight Gallery (Rest as a Form of Protest).