Groundhog’s Day


NAVEL is pleased to present Groundhog’s Day, a one night screening event on Saturday, Feb 2, 2019. Artists Maura Brewer and Paul Pescador will discuss mindless, repetitive labor under neoliberal capitalism and the pursuit of social media stardom. Each artist takes the part of groundhog and shadow as they act out a seasonal drama of hope and disappointment. Will spring ever come? Maybe not, but, as Bill Murray says, “I couldn’t imagine a better fate than a long and lustrous winter!”

Signature cocktails will be served.

Maura Brewer and Paul Pescador are visual artists who collaborate on holidays. Together, they make videos and performances at the intersection of politics and pop culture. These investigations have been presented at Roger’s Office, Machine Project, Human Resources, Women’s Center for Creative Work, and Garden in Los Angeles.