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In all cultures, the longest day of the year is honored as a moment for celebrating what’s been accomplished, and what lies ahead. Summer Solstice for our human ancestors was the apex of the calendar: a day for life and light, for enjoying what we hold most beautiful, and for planting seeds in anticipation of an abundant harvest.

On Friday June 21, NAVEL invites you to take part in the Solstice tradition by celebrating our anniversary as a collectively-driven cultural space and honoring the changemakers from our community whose offerings of time and talent are building a more just, creative, and collaborative world.

Our Solstice celebration will include musical performances by Banoffee and AKUA (featuring original choreography by Samantha Blake Goodman), an installation and performance by Kayla Tange, a pop-up gallery with works for sale by Terrence Koh, Hayden Dunham, Kandis Williams and others, delicious food prepared by Camila Creates, a solstice elixir featuring Yola Mezcal, exotic natural wines curated by Psychic Wines, and much much more, all hosted by comedian Casey Jane Ellison.

Now more than ever, NAVEL needs your continued support. The work our community has done thus far has lit bright lights in dark times, and the seeds we are planting will bear life-giving fruit in the months and years ahead. Join us on this day of Light and Life, and help us to call in the bright abundant future we believe in.

All proceeds from SOLSTICE will go towards sustaining NAVEL’s core programs and activities, including our free and low-cost Public Programming, our collaborative learning platform ASSEMBLIES, and the Collective Residency, ensuring they remain accessible for all.

Guests of Honor

Honoring our 2019 Programming Committee and ASSEMBLIES Leaders:
Amelian Kashiro Hamilton, Blue Soo Hoo, Brandon Avery Joyce, Chris Tyler, Daleen Saah, Dorit Cypis, Emma Sutton, gloria galvez, Jade Daniels, Jasmine Nyende, Jennifer Moon, Juli Odomo, Jordi Phillips, Matthew Donovan, Sarah Pitan, Sophia Aira, Tatiana Vahan, Uhuru Moore, Yewande Pearse


Hosted by Alexander Quetell, Alia Raza, Allison Littrell, Amanda Vincelli, Angela Seo, Bettina Korek, Blaine O’Neill, Carlye Packer, Cheyenne Sauter, Dimitri Chamblas, Ed Patuto, Ezra Woods, Jeanne Brooks, Jeffery Self, Jonas Wendelin, Kristoffer Josefsson, Leila Nematzadeh, Leilah Weinraub, Michael Holt, Nada Rastad, Nadja Oertelt, Patrik Milani, Randall Sarafa, Shana Lutker, Spenser Theberge

Pop-up Gallery

Limited edition artworks, objects, and prints by artists Amanda Vincelli, Analisa Teachworth, gloria galvez, Hayden Dunham, Jonas Wendelin, Kandis Williams, Terrence Koh, & Vytautas Jurevicius.

With support from dublab, Yola Mezcal, Psychic Wines, NYA TEA and Régime des Fleurs.