Building a Radicalized Deadrop Network Part II

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This group’s goal was to build a low-tech, smartphone compatible resource for Los Angeles’ homeless residents. A collaboration with local nonprofits across the Eastside, Westside, and Sepulveda Basin, this tool would aggregate the numerous, but disconnected, services that take place across the city to help people find free meals, showers, clothing, physical and mental health services, legal aid, job placement assistance, veteran services, child and pet care, and more. It would also have an original newsletter, music, or artwork from other homeless residents and NAVEL community members. ASSEMBLIES participants were invited to do community engagement, research for our database, or develop the tool’s technology infrastructure.

Due to the pandemic, the group focused on research and realized that a similar tool was recently launched in Los Angeles.

Organized by Renée Reizman | | | @metempsychosis

This ASSEMBLY grew out of Fall 2019 “Building a Radicalized Deadrop Network.”

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This ASSEMBLY group used their microgrant ($225) to cover ongoing project production costs.

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