Feature Extraction: The Aesthetics and Politics of Algorithms

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The Feature Extraction ASSEMBLY included a series of talks, demos, workshops, and discussion groups that brought together artists and researchers engaged with machine-learning. Under the banner of “artificial intelligence,” machine learning has become central to interlocking domains of political-economic control, including: predictive policing, financialization, ad-tech, social media, and logistics. Unlike the proprietary algorithms used in these applications, artistic uses of machine learning allow people to experience and engage with algorithms directly. In this series, we paired artistic uses of machine learning with scholarly research to explore the social repercussions of algorithmic governance under algorithmic capitalism.

Organized by Blaine O’Neill and Ulysses Pascal | Blaine.d.oneill[at]gmail.com | upascal[at]gmail.com | http://feature-extraction.ai/

Documentation / Resources

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Group members

Blaine O’Neill, Ulysses Pascal, Bela Abolfathi, Carla Orendorff, Cecile Thompson-Hannant, Chase Niesner, Chris Tyler, Dean Lenoir, Harry Hvdson, Leah Wulfman, Leming Zhong, Muxi Zhuo, Parag Mital, Riley O’Neill, Sara Drake, Selwa Sweidan, Soffi Stiassni

Guest speakers

Nora Khan
Peli Grietzer
Harry Hvdson from Stop LAPD spying
Stalgia Grigg


The Feature Extraction ASSEMBLY group used their microgrant ($225) to pay honorariums for guest speakers.

Spring 2020 Assemblies

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Building a low-tech, smartphone compatible resource for Los Angeles’ homeless residents.

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Reflecting on our current and potential future relationship to material to understand how to lead more sustainable, meaningful lives.

Exploring Dreams & Sleep as Collective Resource

What roles do sleep/dreams play in shaping our society and relationships, and how are new technologies changing our relationship to sleep?

Queering Death

Looking beyond the norms and stigmas around death.

Workshopping Work beyond Capitalism

Studying how we can grow democracy, labor awareness and solidarity in our workplace, industry, network and community.