At NAVEL, we strive to create an open and inclusive environment where participants feel empowered to take risks and engage in challenging discussions.

Here are some principles that guide our commitment:

  • Hold ourselves accountable first, and enter each space with a humble heart and compassionate criticality. Center care in our interactions with others and in representing our own needs.
  • In order to grow a community that is truly intersectional and inclusive, we need to recognize that inequity is systematic. Before entering each session, take a moment to acknowledge our own differences and be honest about our own privileges and power. Make a conscious effort to resist ableism, racism, classism, ageism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia in our language, imagery, and examples. Take some time to assess your own privilege using this tool.
  • Prioritizing listening is essential in creating inclusive space. When we listen, center the voices of people with disability, trans & queer, black & brown, low-income, non-English speaking or other non-white folks. Silence can be helpful especially when it means we are actively listening and processing.
  • Rather than reacting to one’s immediate need to manage disagreement or achieve perfection, give space for discomfort, mistakes, vulnerability and non-closure. It is often through mistakes and discomfort that we grow.
  • Respect each other’s privacy and personal boundaries, including confidentiality. Understand that safety, accessibility and personal boundaries mean different things for different people. The way to create a braver and more accessible space for everyone is to ask respectfully and learn from one another interpersonally.
  • Have fun. Take breaks. Allow space for yourself and others to enter and leave according to their needs.

You may also find these braver group communication agreements helpful. We recommend you revisit and renegotiate them with each new group.

We welcome any suggestions and feedback that will help us to take better care of each other intentionally and creatively throughout our programs and beyond. If you encounter any difficulties at the space, please do not hesitate to contact us in-person, by phone (213) 340-4213 or email at

Common Field Convening LA 2017


How do I file a complaint or report if I have been harassed or feel that a member of the community has violated these community intentions and guidelines?
If you feel a member of the community is in violation of our Community Guidelines, please alert a member of the NAVEL team. The staff member will make a record of report and take any appropriate action necessary in the moment to ensure a safe and welcoming environment. If you wish to file a complaint against a NAVEL staff or board member, please alert another NAVEL staff member or NAVEL Board Member, who will document the incident.

You may also choose to email us a copy of the NAVEL’s Community Engagement Incident Report Form. We also hold copies of this form and a dropbox at the space (located in the corridor at the far end of the space).

All incident reports are sent to the Board of Directors, which discusses each report and follows up with any disciplinary action needed. NAVEL reserves the right to take any lawful action we deem appropriate, including but not limited to warning the offender, asking the offender to leave the premises, and/or stripping membership or residency benefits and access from the offender.

What do I do if I feel I’ve been unfairly accused of violating the Community Guidelines?
If you feel you have been unfairly accused of violating the Community Guidelines, please contact a NAVEL staff member or board member. They will document your grievance and ensure it is considered with any applicable Community Guideline incident report.

How do I get in contact with a member of the NAVEL Staff or Board?
A full list of NAVEL Staff and Board Members can be found online here. Feel free to pull aside any NAVEL staff or board member or send us an email. We are here to listen and take action if necessary :)

How do I give feedback on the Braver Space Intentions?
We welcome your feedback on these guidelines and would love to hear any suggestions on how to make NAVEL an open and inviting space for all who wish to participate. Any feedback is considered private between you and the staff or board member you contact, unless you specify otherwise.