So, what's going to happen with NAVEL?

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This January, we took a pause from programming events in order to reflect on our mission, programs, operations, and governance to make sure they were in alignment with our values and a reflection of the equitable and braver space we seek to foster as an organization and community.

In the midst of this process we lost our primary source of income due to the pandemic, private rentals, which funded the bulk of our programs and operational costs. As many of you know, we were uncertain we would be able to withstand the economic impact of COVID-19. Thank you to the many supporters and members who continue to support us throughout this uncertainty.

Although it took some time to sort out, we are happy to share that we have secured a couple of loans that will enable us to hold on to our space and cover our basic operating costs for the foreseeable future, allowing us to refocus our attention on and direct our resources towards the commitments we have made as a board and staff this year, including:

  • Working with a cultural equity consultant and compensated group of community members to re-examine NAVEL’s role as a supportive infrastructure for the community and ensure that our programs, governance structures, and activities are actively dismantling white and ableist biases, while empowering new leadership from within the community.
  • Allocating funds annually for both internal and public-facing social and racial justice initiatives and anti-racist trainings.
  • Adding a third Community Representative to our Board of Directors. Learn more about Irina Contreras here
  • Forming Racial Justice working groups through our upcoming quarter of ASSEMBLIES which will provide opportunities for collective learning and sharing around intersectional racial justice.
  • Ensuring that our community agreements, which uphold racial justice, are consistently shared, collectively revisited, and practiced.

As we assess and organize ourselves, we are committed to fostering more listening, learning, and sustainable action to ensure that Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx, trans and queer, and people with disabilities are continuously centered, supported, and empowered at NAVEL.

We know there are many more questions to answer, and consider this an interim update on our plans for co-creating a desirable future as a community.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the planning process and/or staying up to date on our progress, let us know by signing up here.

In solidarity and hope,