No Justice No Peace

Donate and Get Involved

As the country and the world erupt with demands of justice for countless acts of sanctioned state violence against black and brown people, we urge you to contribute to this movement against racism and white supremacy today and every day.

Get involved and donate to grassroots organizations fighting for racial justice and doing black liberation, abolition and anti-racism work such as Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, BLD PWR, Black Visions Collective and Reclaim the Block. ⁠And here is a more extensive list of organizations in Minnesota and Los Angeles.

LA folks, call, email and text city council members and⁠ demand that they adopt the People’s Budget LA, which prioritizes care and services over policing as opposed to the current proposed budget by @mayorofla which allocates 54% to the LAPD).

Commit to continuously educating yourself and each other about privilege, particularly white privilege, and how you may perpetuate racism unintentionally.⁠ Here is a link to anti-racism resources.

Take Alice Yuan Zhang’s Anti-Racist Pop Quiz.

If you can, PROTEST.

In Solidarity,

Image by Alice Yuan Zhang