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سفره دايمه Sofra Daymeh, may your table always be plenty

The سفره دايمه SOFRA DAYMEH Zine, created as part of the سفره دايمه Sofra Daymeh program at NAVEL, aims to further the conversation about the decolonization of Palestinian food, culture, and identity, and the important role of cultural preservation for self-preservation. It features recipes, essays by curator Daleen Saah and other scholars, poems, and a directory of resources for those standing in solidarity with Palestine.

Curated by
Daleen Saah

Content Contributors
Daleen Saah
Tamara Khoury
Reem Assil
Joudie Kalla
Walid Keilani
Vivien Sansour
Marwan Awad
Mona Awad
Gabriel Younes
Dar Mazzawi & Dar Younes
Mirna Bamieh
Randa Wahbe
Shereen Lani Younes

Graphic Design
Daleen Saah

Creative Consulting
Adriana Widdoes
Amanda Vincelli
Widad Saah
Sara Leimbach
Hannah Yi

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