Personal ≠ Private

Renée Reizman
12pm PDT

Personal ≠ Private is a series of 3 creative that helps people envision a world that balances the dream of the commune with personal space. In Marxist theory, there is a distinction between personal and private property. The former are non-commercial goods owned by an individual, and the latter is capital created by means of production.

“Now, What,” asks us to look towards the future; many aspire to develop a communist, anarchist, or socialist society, but there are common misconceptions as to what that entails. Dissenters incorrectly assume these spaces confiscate sentimental possessions or demolish solitary, intimate living spaces. Personal possessions, when fairly distributed and accessible, are naturally desirable, ethical, and necessary.

Those who join the workshop will be encouraged to submit selected writing, drawings, or other creative expressions into a digital zine, which will be freely available through NAVEL.

Taking the whole series is not required. You can drop in on as many or as few workshops as you’d like.


  1. Personal - 6/27
  2. Private - 7/11
  3. Communal - 7/18

All workshops take place at 12:00pm PST via Zoom

This workshop is organized and facilitated by Renée Reizman in response to NOW WHAT open call written by Anise S. Hines Theus, Daleen Saah, Jasmine Lin, and Joal Stein.

Renée Reizman is an interdisciplinary curator, artist and writer at the crossroads of social practice and creative placemaking. Working within diverse communities, she studies the ways infrastructures shape our culture, policy, and environment.

She is currently the 2019 - 2021 Creative Catalyst, an Artist in Residence situated within the Los Angeles Department of Transportation