#FuckTheSystem: Liberation via Black QT Sex Magik

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Organized by Halo the Gxdbody | b.v.coleman@gmail.com

Group Intentions: proliferate a wave of personal sacral healing for Black QT folks, especially sex workers, that ultimately serves the collective good; educate Black QT folks on the principles and practices of sex magik/carnal alchemy; creating a coven of Black QTs who collectively direct energy toward a petition(s) that will facilitate liberation for black folk and thereafter all oppressed people. Pleasure activism for real.

If you really want to save the world,
You better heal yourself first

Grounding Question: how can we #makeradicalsexy and use our energy in service of dismantling cisheteropatriarchal white supremacy?

Proposed Petitions:

  • Protect Black womxn, NBs and femmes
  • Cancel rent
  • Abolish police/ice
  • Abolish prisons


  • Incorporate cooperative/collective principles and practices
  • Sex magic education (includes foundational magic overview, magic, ritual, sigils, herbs, oils, candle work; personal shadow work incorporated as a reflection of social shadow work the magik will effectively facilitate)
  • Sacral healing (possible collaboration w/Hip Magic group)
  • Bring in other facilitators as needed/available
  • Collectively decide on group petition and sigil
  • Creation of multimedia assets (music, video, audiobooks) embedded with chosen petition/sigil
  • Eventually develop app or web platform for black queer erotic content (rival onlyfans/minivids)

Documentation / Resources

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Guest Facilitators

Arazel Thalez | @thedevaarazel

Kimberly Simms | @thenakedyogagoddess

Jet Setting Jasmine | @jetsetjasmine

Group Members

Bee Coleman, Afiya Williams, Rakita Lillard, Jaden Fields, Morena Wells

Organizer Bio

Halo the Gxdbody is a Queer, non-binary magical Black radical, anti-capitalist, lover, dream chaser and shift shaper currently residing in South Central LA. They have lived many professional lives, from DARPA consultant to dog walker and cooperative developer, and are passionate about Black liberation and Black joy by any means necessary. Halo is the creator of the #fuckthesystem ASSEMBLY in the Fall 2020 NAVEL ASSEMBLIES cycle which explored the role of radical thought, sacral healing and sex magic in re-imagining Black liberation.

IG: @beehold_halo

Online: www.onlyfans.com/herecumshalo

Venmo/Cashapp: halolovesyou

Image credit: Bee Coleman

Fall 2020 Assemblies

afronowism ep III: organized by black beyond

Exploring the history of sound as technology to preserve and transcend the spirit of ancestors and the indigenous.

Health, Racism and Wellness with Miss Barbie-Q

With the onset of the Covidian, political and racial climate of 2020, there is a real correlation to how racism (systemic, potential violence etc) is related to health (physical, mental, etc) which affects a person’s whole wellness.

Queering Surrender: Expanding, Embodying, Remembering

This ASSEMBLY will combine reflective reading, writing, and discussion prompts with action-based embodiment and movement practices that allow participants to have a more felt understanding of theoretical concepts, expanding our ability to think with the body and feel with the mind.

Full-Bodied Expression as Public Health: A Focus on Hip Magic

We will be exploring one of the most oppressed & abused parts of the body: the hips.